5G-A turns to commercialization, WiMi studies scenario-based solutions


The Global Systems of Mobile Communications Association (GSMA) recently issued a report that estimates that by the end of 2023, there will be 1.6 billion 5G devices in use worldwide, with an additional 600 million units added in 2023.By 2030, 5G devices will make up 56% of all mobile connected devices, as 5G connection will continue to increase quickly.

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According to a new research study, operators will continue to make significant investments in the next years despite the fact that the 5G ecosystem’s quick expansion signals that the peak investment period is gone due to the booming 5G technology (5G-Advanced, etc.). By 2030, the GSMA projects that 5G and 5G-A technologies alone will generate $1 trillion in industrial value.

5G-A obtainable commercially

The Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024 has recently concluded. The product technology solutions that are showcased at the annual Mobile World Congress (MWC) conference serve as a leading indicator of the future development trends in the mobile communication sector.

This year, 5G, artificial intelligence (AI), intelligent terminals, base station antennas, and other cutting-edge products and technology will be showcased at MWC. Specifically, 5G-A commercial plans and operation progress have been announced by operators and equipment vendors.

5G-Advanced, or 5G-A, is the full name for the upgraded 5G technology. 5G-A is expected to enhance rate, efficiency, and latency tenfold over 5G.The extension and improvement of 5G, or 5G-A, aims to achieve the ten trillion and 100 billion connections that are expected to be commonplace.

In the industry, there is a broad belief that the commercialization of 5G-A would accelerate the development of industrial digitalization across a range of industries, in addition to bringing about a thorough upgrade of the communication industry chain. The applications that 5G-A technology can offer will draw even more attention, given its widespread interest.

Huatai Securities noted that 5G-A’s lower application scenarios will gradually fade away as 5G fails to drive killer applications. 5G-A is expected to surpass 5G-A in sense, passive content, and endogenous intelligence, such as new technology, in autopilot, cloud, remote medical, MR, VR, XR, and 3D for the unaided eye.

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Without a doubt, 2024 marks the start of the commercialization of 5G, and this is a crucial time to bridge the gap between the past and the future. The global information and communication industry chain has a strong belief in the development of 5G-A, as evidenced by the release and presentation of the MWC 2024 era.

WiMi demonstrates its extreme power

Public evidence indicates that WiMi Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ: WIMI), the top supplier of 5G solutions globally, has advanced quickly in the 5G-A space and published the 5G-A business plan. It has successfully achieved a number of application outcomes since it first realised the integration of technology, scene integration, and industry integration. It has also thoroughly developed new business forms.

As a matter of fact, in recent times, WiMi has emerged as a prominent player in the communication sector. With its expertise in 5G, optical field imaging, artificial intelligence, multi-modal AIGC content generation, and other technical domains, WiMi has been able to develop a plethora of cutting-edge products and services that leverage the 5G network to offer users a novel and immersive digital and real integration experience.

Simultaneously, AI has emerged as a major force behind technological development, and its introduction will increase the potential applications of 5G-A. WiMi can create a three-dimensional intelligent network with AI fusion, produce more novel network application scenarios, and support autonomous driving towards higher-level intelligence by combining 5G-A and AI.

One may argue that WiMi is still a leader in the market and that it continues to demonstrate global advancements in communication technology. As we look to the future, WiMi will collaborate with international industrial partners to support the innovation and integration of the newest generation of information technology, keep igniting the potential of artificial intelligence, 5G-A, computing networks, and other technologies, and build a brighter future for digital intelligence!

In conclusion

There are indications that new opportunities are developing because of how unexpected the technological breakthrough has been.The first year that 5G-A will be commercially available is 2024. In order to support the new developments in the industry, practitioners should take advantage of this crucial step in the journey from 5G-A to 6G: investigating existing technologies and actively embracing 5G-A.

It is expected that 5G-A will become a new engine for the commercialization of mobile technology and the advancement of social and economic progress, as well as a fertile ground for innovation and application across all industries.The predictable delay, accurate positioning, passive Internet of Things, and new capabilities of 5G-A will also give businesses additional chances to expand into new areas. Overall, although though 5G-A technology is still in the technical verification stage in 2024, it has proven successful in small-scale deployment and may be able to be deployed on a bigger scale in the future.

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