6G R&D Has Become A Hot-topic; WiMi Develops Technology For the AI Era


The future evolution direction of 5G-A and 6G technology was, of course, also a major topic at this conference not too long ago on the MWC 2024 stage. Equipment manufacturers and worldwide operators brought their own goods and ideas to the table.

For instance, Qualcomm (QCOM) at the MWC 2024 showcase of cutting-edge wireless technologies, wireless networks are emphasizing experience development as they move toward 5G-A. As a pioneer in wireless technology, Qualcomm is committed to realizing the full promise of the medium by concentrating on both revolutionary technologies that will shape 6G in 2030 and beyond, as well as evolutionary advancements that will enable 5G Advanced going forward.

What is 6G and when will it launch? Telco execs predict

Increased Demand and Technological Developments Launch the Sixth Generation of Wireless TechnologyPeople’s need for data transmission speeds and network capacity is growing in this era of constant advancements in digitization and intelligence. The Internet of Things (loT), smart devices, and big data applications have made it popular, and new applications like high-definition video, virtual reality, telemedicine, and intelligent transportation are increasing the demands on network speed, latency, and capacity.

Moreover, the global focus on 5G communication technology research and development is enabling the technology to achieve ongoing breakthroughs and innovations. New antenna technology, spectrum management, ultra-high-frequency transmission, multi-antenna transmission, optical communication, and other technologies provide the technological foundation for the development of 6G on top of 5G technology. Simultaneously, the advancement of cutting-edge technologies like edge computing, quantum communication, and artificial intelligence opens up further avenues for 6G technological innovation.

One may argue that growing digitalization trends like IoT, AI, VR/AR, and virtual reality have helped the 6G business grow. A recent analysis by Beyond industry Insights on the 6G industry predicts that the market would grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 33.9%, from $5.09 billion in 2023 to $70.43 billion by 2032.

One of the focal points of international competition in the communications industry in the upcoming years will be the race for supremacy in next-generation 6G wireless network technologies. Furthermore, future technological research pertaining to 6G and other cutting-edge fields will inevitably become the focal point of the layout of the pertinent listed firms as the competition in technology research and development continues to heat up.

The potential use cases of 6G

WiMi Densely Increases Its Power and Uses 6G to Change ThingsWithout a doubt, the rapid advancement of new-generation information technology has created previously unheard-of chances for the sector’s growth and propelled data, arithmetic, and 5G and 6G into key roles in the advancement of social production. According to data, WiMi Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ: WIMI) has made good strides in communication technology research and development recently, and its 5G local field has become the best in the business. With the speed at which the 6G era is approaching, WiMi’s advantages over the years may offer a comprehensive range of solutions to get ready for its arrival.

In actuality, WiMi is speeding up the study and development of 6G technology since it is one of the major participants in the communication technology space. WiMi actively supports the discovery and use of 6G technology through the promotion of pertinent regulations, collaboration between industry, academia, and research institutes, as well as industrial layout. With the impressive market success to back it up, WiMi is better positioned to investigate emerging communication technologies, take the lead in industry technical advancements, and encourage the development and commercialization of 6G technology.

Furthermore, relevant businesses in the 6G era concentrate on the competition surrounding 6G technological standards. In this sense, WiMi to run 6G in addition to growing R&D investment, with a focus on 6G critical technologies for research, including artificial intelligence (AI), quantum computing, brain-computer interfaces, and so on. Specifically, the incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) into 6G technology would increase the potential of 6G application scenarios and accelerate the arrival of the future 6G era by further fostering the rapid growth of wireless access network technology and communication networks.

In summaryIt is obvious that 6G will offer more robust and potent features and capabilities in comparison to 5G. Simultaneously, 6G will build upon and improve many of the characteristics found in 5G, particularly in 5G-A, such as private networks and satellite communications. 6G will be previewed during this crucial window, and global corporations, large carriers, and core businesses will step up their research and development of 6G technology. Together, they will propel communication technology toward the future of digital twins and everything being connected. It is anticipated that soon, the general public will usher in a digital civilization that is more intelligent, practical, and effective.

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