85-Year-Old DC Man Accused of Fatally Attacking Wife Over Pancake Dispute, Authorities Say


In a shocking and tragic incident, an 85-year-old man from Washington, DC, identified as Steven Schwartz, has been accused of fatally stabbing his 81-year-old wife, Sharron Hilda Schwartz, reportedly because he did not want to eat the pancakes she had prepared for him.

This distressing event unfolded in their northwest DC residence last Sunday, as revealed in a federal criminal complaint.

According to the complaint, Sharron was urging Steven to consume the sweet breakfast item in an effort to help him regain weight. Steven, who had recently lost up to 50 pounds during a hospital stay due to physical and psychiatric disorders, expressed reluctance to eat.

The conflict escalated when Sharron, concerned about his well-being, insisted that he eat breakfast, especially since he had consumed only a quarter of a Krispy Kreme doughnut the previous day.

Steven, describing his wife as a “bit of a taskmaster,” acknowledged that her intentions were rooted in love. He admitted that Sharron wanted him to recover and be the partner and protector she once knew. However, the situation took a tragic turn when, in the midst of the argument, Steven allegedly heard a plate crashing against the wall.

In a disturbing sequence of events, Steven reportedly grabbed a carving knife from a butcher’s block and plunged it into Sharron’s back.

Distressed neighbors, hearing screams from the couple’s home, immediately contacted the Schwartz’s son, who arrived minutes later. He found his mother’s lifeless body and his father with a knife.

Upon police intervention, Steven, armed with another knife, resisted arrest, prompting officers to deploy a Taser to subdue him. Both Steven and Sharron were rushed to the hospital, where Sharron was tragically pronounced dead. The subsequent autopsy revealed that she had been stabbed once in the back, with the blade piercing her heart.

In the aftermath of the incident, Steven allegedly expressed a desire to die, citing his struggles with depression and eating aversion. Despite these statements, he was released from the hospital and formally arrested on Thursday for second-degree murder while armed.

The US Attorney for the District of Columbia stated that the motive behind the crime was Steven’s refusal to eat the pancakes his wife had prepared. Despite his not-guilty plea, the troubling admissions made by Steven following the incident add a layer of complexity to this deeply distressing case. Schwartz has been remanded without bond as legal proceedings unfold.

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