Autopsy Discloses Cause of Death for Brissa Romero, Suburban Teen Discovered in Vernon Hills Pond


Authorities have disclosed the cause of death for Brissa Romero, the missing Carpentersville teen whose body was discovered in a Vernon Hills pond earlier this week. The Lake County Coroner’s Office confirmed the positive identification of Brissa Romero on Wednesday. Brissa had gone missing last week on her way to a work holiday party.

The authorities reported that Romero sustained no significant injuries, and her death was consistent with drowning. This revelation comes two days after authorities retrieved a vehicle belonging to Romero from the same retention pond near Lakeview Parkway and Executive Way in Vernon Hills.

A preliminary investigation suggested that the car was “accidentally driven into the pond after the driver failed to navigate the T-intersection.” Video footage from a nearby fast-food restaurant showed Romero parking her vehicle, entering the building, exiting alone, and then returning to her car before continuing to drive. Police emphasized that there is currently no indication of foul play.

On Tuesday, authorities stated that no further leads regarding Brissa’s whereabouts are being pursued. Both the Carpentersville and Vernon Hills Police Departments expressed their gratitude to Brissa’s family, friends, and the community for their efforts to bring awareness to the case and extended their deepest condolences to the Romero family.

Brissa Romero went missing on December 4 while heading to a work holiday party at Bowlero in Vernon Hills. No one at the party saw her that night, and her social media accounts showed no activity since the previous Monday. New cell phone data analysis led officers to the pond in Vernon Hills, where a backpack belonging to Romero was discovered. Subsequently, her vehicle was pulled from the water, followed by the recovery of her body.

Family members had noted that Brissa was last captured on traffic cameras in the same area where her vehicle was found, near Town Center Road and Milwaukee Avenue.

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