Child Sentenced to Probation and Kobe Bryant Paper Following Urination Arrest


In Senatobia, Mississippi, the arrest of a 10-year-old child for public urination has sparked controversy, leading to a unique punishment.

The child, who discreetly relieved himself behind his mother’s car while she was inside an attorney’s office on August 10, found himself on three months of probation and required to write a two-page paper on Kobe Bryant.

The incident unfolded when the first officer on the scene contemplated letting the child go with a warning. However, the situation escalated after a lieutenant intervened, resulting in the child being placed in the back of a police car and taken to jail.

This response prompted internal discord within the police department, leading to one officer losing his job over the incident.

Latonya Eason, the child’s mother, expressed dissatisfaction with the handling of the situation, emphasizing that the initial response was excessive.

Despite the child not exposing himself and acting discreetly due to the lack of a public restroom, he faced charges of being a child in need of services. Following the arrest, the child was eventually released to his mother.

Residents of Senatobia voiced their opinions on the matter, with one resident deeming the situation “ridiculous” and highlighting personal experiences in potty training.

Another resident, Patricia Mitchell, criticized law enforcement for prioritizing non-issues and emphasized the need to focus on more critical matters.

Carlos Moore, representing the child legally, clarified that the boy had no other option as there was no public restroom available. Despite public backlash, the child’s punishment included probation and a unique assignment to delve into the life of Kobe Bryant.

Senatobia Police Chief Richard Chandler acknowledged the error in judgment in transporting the child to the police station, especially when the mother was present as a reasonable alternative.

He recognized the need for ongoing training and refreshers in law enforcement to navigate various situations appropriately, citing the incident as a reminder of the challenges encountered daily in the profession.

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