Concerns Rise as ‘Tucson Taker’ Attempts Three Kidnappings at University of Arizona in a Week


Serial Predator Dubbed ‘Tucson Taker’ Terrifies University of Arizona

A wave of fear has swept through the University of Arizona as a predator, ominously known as the ‘Tucson Taker,’ continues to elude law enforcement after attempting the abduction of three students in just one week. The assailant, who remains at large, has not only left the campus community on edge but has also sexually assaulted at least one of his victims.

The University of Arizona Police Department is working diligently to apprehend the suspect, described as a possible Hispanic male with a dark complexion and a medium to heavyset build. Standing between 5 feet 10 inches and 6 feet tall, the assailant has short, buzzed hair. Authorities, however, remain uncertain about his age.

The ‘Tucson Taker’ targeted his victims in distinct incidents near the campus, using a unique purple car that has become a chilling symbol of his nefarious actions. Each time, the quick-witted students managed to thwart the assailant’s abduction attempts, but the trauma they endured has left the campus community shaken.

The most recent incident occurred around 6 p.m. on Monday, when the assailant assaulted a female student near the southern portion of the campus. The victim bravely fought back, screaming for help, and the suspect fled the scene. Remarkably, the police connected this incident to an earlier attack just four days prior, realizing they were dealing with a repeat offender.

In the preceding incident, the assailant targeted another female student who noticed a dented purple hatchback with tinted windows following her. The stranger leapt out of the car, attempting to abduct the student, but she fought back by dropping to the ground and screaming. The assailant retreated to his car and fled.

The alarming pattern became clearer when the first victim, who narrowly escaped an attack on December 6, came forward after hearing about the two subsequent assaults. Although she managed to avoid an assault, her encounter with the suspect heightened concerns about the serial predator on the loose.

Despite the diligent efforts of law enforcement, the ‘Tucson Taker’ remains unidentified, prompting students to share their concerns and information on social media platforms. The University of Arizona community anxiously awaits the apprehension of this dangerous individual, hoping for swift justice and a return to a sense of security on campus.

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