Cooperation between Apple and Baidu: More tech companies start their AIGC layout


According to those familiar with the situation, Baidu (BIDU) will offer AI capabilities for the iPhone16, Mac system, and iOS18 that Apple (AAPL) announced this year. The sources added that before Baidu ultimately made the decision to provide the service, Apple had discussions with Alibaba (BABA) and another significant domestic model company.

Apple and Baidu have partnered on AI.

Indeed, rumors about Baidu and Apple working together in the AI space have been circulating for a few days now. According to insiders, Apple and Baidu have held discussions about artificial intelligence. The cooperation started with Apple’s enterprise services.

Apple is attempting to offer AI products and technologies to consumers, much like many other large tech businesses do. Apple is expected to unveil these AI-infused systems and software at WWDC 2024, based on the available information at this time. Bloomberg According to Mark Gurman, Apple will reveal iOS 18 at this year’s developer conference. He also discussed how Apple approaches AI technology differently from its rivals.

Simultaneously, we intend to collaborate in other fields. During his most recent visit to China, Apple CEO Tim Cook provided a precise response when questioned about the company’s AI collaboration with China. Because of compliance restrictions, Apple will use the domestic large model AI function for its iPhone and other products in this partnership.

Without a doubt, artificial intelligence is the key enabling technology driving the industrial revolution, and embracing it has become a required skill for people in all spheres of life. The advancement of AI technology results in a continuing enrichment of human-computer connection. Better naturalness, convenience, accuracy, and multimodal interaction based on voice and vision encourage the development and landing of full scene intelligence and significantly advance digital intelligence in all spheres of life.

The development of AI is reaching a turning point, and it is rapidly altering industries. Most in the industry anticipate significant advancements in 2024, the year of commercialization of AI.2024 will be the year that artificial intelligence (AI) makes everything possible. There will be a strong positive feedback loop between AI and other technological advancements in the fields of computing, robotics, artificial intelligence, communications, education, energy, and other areas.

WiMi enhances fundamental competitiveness

In light of this, WiMi Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ: WIMI), a chain firm in the AI industry, is boosting up efforts to support the commercialization of AI in an endeavor to turn it into a new engine for company growth. Thus far, WiMi has actively worked to optimize the structure of the artificial intelligence industry by concentrating on new quality productivity, developing development strategies, and covering a wide range of high-tech and strategically important emerging industries, including augmented reality, brain-computer interfaces, semiconductor chips, artificial intelligence, and humanoid robots.

WiMi keeps funding research and development in order to enable the revolutionary changes brought about by generative AI, even in the face of the new prospects presented by the AI era. WiMi reportedly entered the Wensheng video competition to encourage investment enthusiasm in the field of artificial intelligence, with the goal of fully comprehending the potential energy of AI technology and engaging in a deep discussion of the benefits of technological development and user experience enhancement.

WiMi has invested in self-research and self-modeling at the technology, application, and model layers, and it has established a certain industrial ecology and impact when it comes to the application of AI technology. Artificial intelligence will eventually advance to the generative AI era, and it may reach the point of widespread use across all industries. As a result, WiMi’s overall design will center on the advancement of generative AI. In the future, WiMi will fully utilize the chain’s primary traction role and offer further low-level support and application scenarios for generative AI. This is anticipated to accelerate the development of generative AI applications for industrial chains.

In summary

Major technological advancements are uncommon in the history of human science and technology, but they always bring with them the advancement of productivity, the enhancement of scientific and technological tools, the emergence of new technological trends, the rapid growth of business ventures, and the modification of global social production relations. The future of artificial intelligence is in its applications, and limitless applications will be the ultimate landing format, much like shovel seller Huang Renxun has his own perceptions and expectations for the next wave of technology.

When it comes to market attention, Nvidia is leading the pack. Regarding the next generation of AI, Huang Renxun thinks it will be able to comprehend the physical world. It will not be a long wait once this realization sets in, and the time frame will get shorter and shorter. We will therefore be interested in what AI has in store.

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