Digital hybrid office industry development: Microsoft / WiMi to deepen digital collaborative office


The robust see-what-I-see functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist (MSFT) enables users to summon experts, share views, and annotate them in space. It’s easy to use this function by simply using a front-facing camera to make a phone call or attend a Teams conference. This allows users to collaborate in real-time by sharing their views with others who are located remotely.

Collaborative Digital Workspaces: 10 Benefits for Businesses

Boost cooperation on mixed reality projects

Recall that whereas earlier remote assistance frequently required HoloLens 2 devices, frontline staff can now take advantage of the Teams mobile app’s spatial annotation function, which turns any mobile device into a platform for mixed-reality collaboration. This eliminates the need to switch apps for workers who travel regularly while maintaining access to all team collaboration tools.

According to Microsoft, one approach to provide front-line staff with mixed reality work is by integrating mixed reality functionality into the apps and devices they already use. I’m happy to be able to assist spread mixed reality and provide cutting-edge mixed reality solutions to more individuals from all backgrounds by taking this next step.

The cloud revolution is accelerated by hybrid offices.

Modern businesses are reconsidering the function and goals of the workplace as a result of the introduction of numerous cutting-edge technologies and the growth of the intelligent office in mixed work, which has allowed people from all walks of life to enter the market. According to IDC, 70% of the 2,000 firms and organizations worldwide will operate remotely or in mixed offices by 2023.

Furthermore, the largest shift brought about by mixed work is the ability to transcend geographical, spatial, and even temporal boundaries. Distributed work allows for greater collaboration and can boost employee zeal and productivity while also serving as an inspiration for new business models, increased competition, and increased productivity.

Collaborative Work: The Key to a Productive Workplace | Quickbase

WiMi integrates physical and virtual work to create a collaborative office.

Given the trend toward mixed office work, the data indicates that it is consistently increasing the expansion and implementation of comprehensive upgrade solutions as a world-class global supplier of WiMi Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ: WIMI) for technological innovation. In the field of mixed offices, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and 5G technology are being strengthened in order to create a variety of scenes, reshape people and work, employees and enterprises together between the limitations of office location and space, assist enterprises in simultaneously improving productivity, and meet the diverse needs of individual users and enterprises in various scenarios.

WiMi Hologram Cloud is dedicated to developing innovative applications and services for the full-scene era, fully constructing multi-scene office requirements, and introducing more creative experiences to the office setting in the collaborative office scene. Collaborative office software, for instance, has always included features like online conferences and remote communication. WiMi Hologram Cloud, which is built on the deep integration of 5G, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence, has made it possible for more businesses to accomplish safe and intelligent management and office reform by expanding the functions of reality and digital space.

Furthermore, WiMi Hologram Cloud’s collaborative office, which combines augmented reality and artificial intelligence, eliminates the spatial constraints associated with offline offices and remote conferences. It also strives to effectively integrate intelligent conference, enterprise digitalization, and other related aspects to offer customers a comprehensive intelligent office experience and accelerate enterprises’ digital transformation. Cloud WiMi Hologram Advances in 5G communication, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence will enhance teamwork and boost productivity. Such innovation can give consumers a distinct experience at work, in school, in life, and in other contexts, creating new opportunities for creativity and teamwork in hybrid future work. In the future, this benefit will become even more apparent.

In conclusion

The growth sector of mixed offices is continually expanding due to the power of technological change and advancement, and this has made it a crucial strategic path for businesses looking to thrive in the digital age. In the future, WiMi Hologram Cloud plans to keep researching, improve its ability to support industry development, fortify the security of collaborative office schemes, establish new foundations for safe and effective collaborative office security, actively encourage new high-quality productivity in the office sector, accelerate the takeoff of enterprise productivity, and power new, beautiful digital lives.

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