Electronic Skin Market to Witness Huge Growth from 2023 to 2030


With more than 120 pages of analysis on business strategy embraced by major and emerging industry players, the most recent independent research document on the size, status, and forecast of the global electronic skin market provides knowledge of the market’s current development, landscape, emerging technologies, drivers, opportunities, market viewpoint, and outlook. The study is divided into important regions that are seeing a rapid increase in marketization.The Electronic Skin study is a flawless synthesis of quantitative and qualitative market data that was primarily confirmed by secondary and primary sources.

Important Participants in This Report:

The following companies: MC10 Inc. (USA), Xsensio (Switzerland), SynTouch LLC (USA), Rotex Inc. (USA), Dialog Semiconductor (UK), 3M (USA), DuPont (USA), Holst Center (The Netherlands), VivaLNK (USA), StretchSense (New Zealand)

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In order to stay competitive, stay abreast of the most recent developments in the global electronic skin market by assessing the available business prospects in emerging markets and industry categories.


Elastic, flexible, and self-healing electronics that mimic the mechanical properties and functions of animal or human skin are referred to as electronic skin. Applications for e-skin include robotics, wearable electronics, artificial prosthetics, and healthcare monitoring devices. It has motion, temperature, humidity, and pressure sensing. Wearable technology is affixed to humans and robots via an electronic skin, also referred to as an e-skin. In robotics, prosthetics, and wearable or skin-attachable devices, electronic skin is frequently used. This customized approach to healthcare improves sickness prevention, early identification, and management by improving patient comfort and compliance as well as the accuracy of health monitoring. Medical treatment has advanced significantly with the introduction of devices with customizable e-skins.

The Electronic Skin research lists a number of market development initiatives and corporate tactics, including joint ventures, partnerships, mergers and acquisitions, and the creation of new goods and services. Business Overview, Product / Service Offerings, SWOT Analysis, Segment & Total Revenue, Gross Margin, and % Market Share are all included in the company profiles for the Electronic Skin Market.

The global electronic skin market size was accounted at USD 4.6 billion in 2022 and it is projected to hit around USD 22.59 billion by 2032.

Geographically, a thorough examination of the following regions’ revenue, market share, consumption, and growth rate

Vietnam, China, Malaysia, Japan, Philippines, South Korea, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Australia, and Other Countries Make Up Asia-Pacific

Europe (including the Nordic countries, Germany, Russia, the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, and Switzerland)

North America: Canada, Mexico, and the United States

South America (Argentina, Chile, Brazil, and the Remainder of South America)

Africa and the Middle East (GCC nations, Israel, Turkey, South Africa, Egypt, and the Rest of MEA)

Excerpts from the study on the global electronic skin market:

1. A Market Overview2. Factor Analysis of the Global Electronic Skin MarketAnalysis of Value ChainsGrowth Factors, Patterns, and ObstaclesPorter Five Forces EvaluationPESTEL Evaluation3. Market for Electronic Skin by Type (2019–2030) [Graphene, Silicone, Conductive Polymers, Piezoelectric Materials]4. Market by End Users/Applications (2019–2030) [Robotics, Wearable Technology, Consumer Electronics, Healthcare and Medical Monitoring, and Others]5.Electronic Skin Market: National Situation6. Market Size Distribution by Nation7. The Competitive EnvironmentAnalysis of Market Share by ParticipantsProfiles of Companies

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