House Republicans Formally Launch Impeachment Inquiry into President Biden


In a party-line vote of 221 to 212, House Republicans officially initiated an impeachment inquiry into President Biden, despite a lack of concrete evidence of wrongdoing. The move, previously delayed due to concerns from mainstream Republicans, signals a shift in the political landscape.

Democrats dismissed the inquiry as a baseless political stunt, while Republicans framed it as a procedural step to bolster investigatory powers. The decision followed Hunter Biden’s refusal to comply with a subpoena, leading to threats of contempt proceedings.

The resolution authorizes ongoing investigations into various aspects of President Biden’s family and administration, without directly accusing him of misconduct.

President Biden swiftly responded, denouncing the inquiry as a “baseless political stunt” and accusing Republicans of prioritizing attacks over addressing urgent issues.

The vote highlights the deepening partisan divisions and the ongoing effort by Republicans to scrutinize President Biden’s family, particularly focusing on Hunter Biden’s overseas business dealings.

The investigation, championed by former President Trump, remains contentious, with Democrats decrying it as a politically motivated attack on the Biden administration.

The resolution, while not alleging any specific wrongdoing by President Biden, empowers Republican-led panels to continue investigations, issue subpoenas, and petition for grand jury materials.

The impeachment inquiry revolves around four key areas: Hunter Biden’s overseas business deals, President Biden’s statements about his son’s work, interactions between President Biden and Hunter’s business partners, and reimbursements received by President Biden from family members.

Republicans place a strong emphasis on accountability and transparency under the leadership of Representatives James R. Comer and Jim Jordan.

The inquiry, a continuation of Republicans’ yearlong investigation, seeks to determine if President Biden is corrupt and should face impeachment.

Despite obtaining thousands of pages of documents and hours of testimony, Republicans have yet to establish that President Biden personally benefited from Hunter Biden’s dealings. Democrats argue that the investigation is a political ploy, emphasizing the lack of evidence of wrongdoing.

The House’s decision sets the stage for further partisan clashes, underscoring the deeply polarized political climate.

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