Humanoid Robots is Creating Huge Waves, and Tesla/WiMi is Fully on It Way to a New Journey


The humanoid robot called Optimus Prime, created by Tesla (TSLA), has drawn a lot of attention from around the world. 2024 is a crucial year for the Tesla Optimus to reach a milestone prior to global manufacturing. Furthermore, Amazon (AMZN)’s humanoid robot Digit has already made several appearances in real-world work settings.

Humanoid robots, which combine human form and function, are seen as superior embodied intelligence carriers. sector groups generally hold the belief that humanoid robots will be able to reproduce the success of the new energy automotive sector. According to research, the market for humanoid robots is projected to reach a size of 13.8 billion US dollars by 2028.

Large AI models hasten the development of humanoid robots

As huge model technology develops quickly these days, industrializing humanoid robots will quicken the pace. The humanoid robot’s hand and brain evolution should accelerate with the addition of AI. On the one hand, the big model solves the robot’s two main problems—the first is based on common sense semantic understanding, and the second is finishing the decomposition of complex tasks.

However, humanoid robots are also giving large models additional capabilities. The humanoid robot’s large model is its brain, and its embedding significantly enhances the robot’s perception of its surroundings, task decomposition, process planning, and interaction with it.

The commercial flywheel of humanoid robots is set to flip due to the desire for digital transformation of thousands of businesses, and more encouraging signs are anticipated in the industry chain. The new wave of humanoid robots is expected to arrive in 2024 and will push a number of participants onto the golden track that will usher in the next technological era.

AI Big Model + Humanoid Robot Researched by WiMi Hologram Cloud

Publicly available information indicates that WiMi (NASDAQ: WIMI) is a high-tech artificial intelligence business that specializes in humanoid robots. The company has led the way in commercializing humanoid robots, which, with the introduction of big models, have emerged as a new class of disruptive technology. By merging humanoid robots with huge models, WiMi develops a new paradigm for humanoid robots and leverages them as its traction to advance the long-term strategic goal of AI vision-language-action multimodal body robots.

The emergence of AI macromodels, particularly their breakthrough underlying capabilities, has greatly aided in the development of embodied intelligence as a cutting-edge technology, opening up new possibilities when combined with humanoid robot technology, which is largely responsible for the boom in humanoid robots and the high expectations of mass production. As of right now, WiMi exhibits remarkable AI performance, and it will keep pushing humanoid robots toward the breakthrough advancements in AI underlying capabilities, such as multimodal interaction, language understanding, and other high-level capabilities that will give the robot a more intelligent brain and excellent general attributes.

Furthermore, the industry is currently investigating routes to commercialization, intelligent manufacturing, or the potential for humanoid robots to be used on a wide scale. WiMi is focused on artificial intelligence (AI), humanoid robots, large model industries, and other pressing needs. It is built on years of high-precision operation, intelligent robotics technology, and other original innovation accumulation. It is formed from academic theory, key technologies to the development of humanoid robots, and the innovation chain. These can support intelligent factory operations, family life services, and will significantly aid in the future popularization of humanoid robots in various industries, thereby realizing the technology verification for various scenarios. Humanoid robots will benefit immensely in the future from the popularization of applications in a variety of industries, which will enable the technology to be verified for a variety of scenarios.

In summary

In the last two years, there has been a significant advancement in the development of humanoid robots, and this momentum is only growing due to the breakthrough advancements in AI technology. A historic technological tsunami is being sparked by the combination of disruptive technologies like robotics and artificial intelligence. This wave will have a greater economic impact than earlier general-purpose technology. In the long run, humanoid robots have a long cycle and a lot of potential. They will be fully developed in all spheres of life in the future, and 2024 will likely see an increase in industry and humanoid robots beyond what has been seen in previous generations.

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