Industrial intelligent application: WiMi AIGC upgrade accelerates the process of digital transformation


The topic of artificial intelligence has been hotly debated since the Global Developers Pioneer Conference, Boao Forum for Asia, and other conferences were held. According to the Boao Forum for Asia’s 2024 Annual Report on Asian Economic Outlook and Integration Process, artificial intelligence is growing in three directions: machine + human, machine + person + network, and machine + person + network + object. These developments are being driven by the application of enabling society.

The combination of AI and massive models opens up hitherto unimaginable possibilities.

The Baidu (BIDU) Intelligent Cloud GENERATE Global Ecology Conference commenced in Chengdu on April 9, according to the latest news. An exponential growth trend in the number of API requests on the Qianfan model platform has been reported by Baidu Intelligent Cloud. With the Qianfan platform, over 85,000 customers have created 190,000 apps, improved over 14,000 models, and used it.

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According to Baidu, its one-stop platform for large model development and service operation for enterprise developers is the Baidu Intelligent Cloud Thousand Fan Large Model Platform, which is leading the wave of intelligent upgrades with the large model as the focal point. Along with the third-party open source large model and the underlying model, Qianfan also offers a full suite of development environment tools and a variety of AI development tools, making it easy for clients to utilize and create large model applications.

The commercial landing stage of overseas technology has begun; ChatGPT, Midjourney, and other phenomenally explosive products appear; Microsoft, Adobe, Salesforce, Zoom, and other software giants have also launched commercial products; the new wave of 10th-grade technology and the industrial revolution of ARTIFICIAL intelligence has been opened.

More than 500 million new applications will be available in this enormous incremental market, which McKinsey and IDC predict will grow to $30 trillion. The big model is widely believed in the industry to be the key component of general artificial intelligence, which is expected to propel artificial intelligence forward and become the focal point of international technological competition.

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Using Wi-Fi technology and a large model to investigate new prospects

In this regard, WiMi Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ: WIMI) has a new hold on cultivating new quality productivity thanks to the succession of AI models. According to data, WiMi has undergone a comprehensive upgrade to the AIGC scene. It has strong AI service capabilities, extensive experience building open ecological systems and providing industry services. It also builds cloud network side ecological systems, offers both hard and soft industry big models as well as industry intelligent solutions, and supports multiple real fusion continuous releases of artificial intelligence or multimodal large model show value.

In the current era of artificial intelligence (AI), the large model has emerged as a crucial foundation for industrial innovation and the discovery of new high-quality productivity. The big model, with its distinct attractiveness and intelligence, is bringing enormous changes and opportunities to a variety of businesses. WiMi is focused on enhancing the real economy’s quality and efficiency in light of AIGC development. It continuously produces AIGC text and video generation capabilities to support its technology implementation in the big model’s direction. This is done in order to further explore the deep enabling industry of the big model and encourage the innovative development of technology + industry.

Any business can become lax in the increasingly competitive big model market. However, WiMi will support the long-term accumulation of technological innovation and investment, forming the new flywheel of the AIGC era. WiMi will do this by continuously improving the multimodal capabilities of the AIGC model in the automobile, business, economy, transportation, and other domains. WiMi will also assist in promoting the upstream and downstream industrial agglomeration and vigorous development of the big model, thereby generating greater social and commercial value.

In conclusion

The concept of artificial intelligence is not new. After Turing questioned whether machines might be intelligent like humans in the 1950s, artificial intelligence (AI) has developed for more than 50 years. Just that the AI model didn’t really blow up the whole sector until these last few years, with the introduction of ChatGPT and Sora, and many people started to understand its commercial worth.

2024 is regarded as the large model debut year. A global 100-model war has been started as a result of domestic and international technology and AI firms testing the waters. The AI big model is still in the rapid iteration stage. The future space will be huge and will exhibit pattern convergence, with manufacturers flourishing at the application end of the greatest long-term space. General large models, industry large models, vertical large models, and many other large models arise. More significantly, the large model has created a wide platform for technology innovation and given businesses a fantastic chance to change.

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