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Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust: Using Turnkey Solutions to Revolutionize Financial Services

News Release:

Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust: Using Turnkey Solutions to Revolutionize Financial Services

Date: 19 January 2024

With great excitement, Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust announces a ground-breaking opportunity in the financial services sector that is aimed at creative entrepreneurs who are willing to take the lead in the banking sector. Our cutting-edge turnkey banking and financial services solutions are revolutionary because they provide instant access to pre-built investment banks and blockchain banks.

Enabled Immediate Banking Ventures The days of figuring out the difficult and drawn-out process of starting a bank from scratch are long gone. A special product is made by Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust: fully functional banks that are ready for quick acquisition. This ground-breaking action in the financial services sector seeks to rethink how to break into this profitable industry.

What We Provide

Ready-Made Banks: Within 24 hours, obtain a completely operational bank that is ready for trading.

Whole Banking Suite: Every bank has a private label Visa and MasterCard program, an online banking platform, and API keys.

Competitive Pricing: For an amazing $49,000, you can own your bank.

Flexible Payment: We offer an interest-free lease-to-own option with a $25,000 down payment and a $1,000 monthly payment plan for the remaining balance over 24 months.

Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust: Why Choose Us?

Our complete banking solutions aim to provide opportunities for expansion in the financial sector, not merely for convenience and speed. This is the ideal chance for business owners who value quick market access and efficiency. You can lead your financial industry enterprise with less initial outlay of funds, supported by Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust’s strong infrastructure.

Take Part in the Financial Revolution

We cordially encourage you to learn more about this exceptional chance. The Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust provides an ideal platform for starting or growing your banking business, regardless of your experience level as an entrepreneur in the financial sector or your desire to diversify your holdings.

For additional information, go to www.blockchainbank.pro, or get in touch with us personally to talk about how this can fit in with your company’s goals.

Check out our insightful banking video, “Prepare for a Banking Revolution,” to learn how you can contribute to this revolutionary banking journey.

Offering more than simply a business opportunity, Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust is paving the road to completely transform the financial industry. We are thrilled to work with forward-thinking entrepreneurs and establish new standards in the financial sector, as CEO Stephan Schurmann states.

How can a Blockchain Bank & Trust Company Charter be useful for your Business?

The Blockchain Bank & Trust Company’s ability to carry out related tasks and engage in fiduciary operations is its main advantage. The functions of the Blockchain Trust or Blockchain Bank may include, but are not restricted to, serving as an escrow agent, trustee, administrator, agent, custodian, investment manager, or fiscal or transfer agent. Taking care of, managing, investing in, or handling another person’s property or your own company assets are all part of these tasks.

Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust
Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust

Digital asset management, custodial and fiduciary services, issuing and tracking shares using Blockchain technology, accepting deposits, issuing Visa and MasterCard under your own name, and much more are all included in the services offered!

The Federal Bank Holding Company Act does not classify Blockchain Bank & Trust Companies as banks.

Consequently, the parent firm of a trust company is not categorized as a bank holding company. Blockchain Banks, DECENTRALIZED Blockchain Trusts, and its affiliates are not subject to Federal Reserve regulation. Their affiliates are free to engage in a variety of activities.

Furthermore, if the business model involved fiduciary duties or the need for asset safeguarding, a Blockchain Bank & Trust firm may be a beneficial addition to the overall corporate structure of that kind of enterprise. The deposits accepted by Decentralized Blockchain Trust & Blockchain Banks are CRYPTO as well as FIAT. They are able to increase the number of deposits they accept as a result. Additionally, it gives customers access to reasonably priced financing via warranties.

Decentralized Blockchain Trust businesses and Blockchain Banks possess unique authority and are not bound by the regulations that banks must adhere to. They are therefore attractive to traditional fiduciaries as well as asset and wealth managers. These days, we find new applications for the antiquated trust charter and find it useful for cutting-edge blockchain financial services.

Encouraging worldwide business owners!

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