Metaverse leads the trend of innovation, WiMi to explore the golden period of industrial development


Author Ernest Cline (of Ready Player One) has formed Readyverse Studios with director Dan Farah and Metaverse technology company Futureverse.

About thirty people work at Readyverse Studios. The company plans to collaborate with Warner Bros. to produce a virtual online world called Readyverse that will be accessible later this year, and to use VR headsets and other devices to present audiences with scenes and experiences from the Ready Player One films.

Cline notes that you will be able to interact with these folks in the future, see their world firsthand, and embark on adventures with them. There are countless options.

The advantages and basis for development are clear.

In actuality, industry observers believe that the hype around the Metaverse has not subsided. Metaverse Richer new business models, a more obvious path for the mutual promotion of virtual and real world development, the development of major technology companies’ XR (augmented reality) equipment, and the productivity revolution brought about by generative AI are all signs that the grand narrative of the Metaverse is gradually taking shape.

Metaverse The goal is to use the actual offline scene as the model for the matching digital mapping, rather than creating a wholly idealistic digital space.

Technology companies showcased new items connected to XR gadgets during the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show, which took place in Las Vegas from January 9 to 12. Additionally, Apple (AAPL) has stated that the US debut date for the Vision Pro is February 2. This year could mark a turning point for the Metaverse business from the standpoint of XR equipment.

WiMi initiates their innovation

Among them is the first Metaverse holographic AR cloud, WiMi Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ: WIMI), which is fostering the industry’s rapid growth with a pioneering mindset. It is acknowledged that WiMi is a top supplier of holographic augmented reality (AR) products and services. Its AR solutions have been used in live broadcasts for digital people, office education, new energy vehicles, and digital exhibitions, among other fields, to create new advantages for the Metaverse industry’s future growth.

Metaverse Without a doubt, this is the way of life of the future. Additionally, WiMi is quickening Metaverse advancements in important basic technologies. WiMi currently possesses the fundamental hard technology matrix, which includes huge model AI, intelligent interaction, AR live broadcast, and spatial computing. In addition, it concentrates on the advancement of humanoid robots and brain-computer interfaces to enhance intelligent terminals and enable a wider integration of Metaverse technology into real-world scenarios in the future.

Looking ahead, WiMi, as a leader, will remain dedicated to innovation in research and development, continuous practice, and having the guts to explore. It will also keep lowering the cost of building the Metaverse while actively addressing the future. With unwavering faith, it will actively expand the Metaverse’s applications, forge more meaningful connections and intelligent applications, increase the Metaverse’s application value, accelerate the Metaverse in thousands of applications, and provide fresh impetus for industrial innovation.

In conclusion

We are going to enter the technological future in the start of 2024. Metaverse The social, economic, and identification systems of the actual and virtual worlds are strongly intertwined, creating a vibrant new ecosystem. Metaverse The perfect form of information technology won’t emerge from a single technological advance; rather, it will emerge from the integration of blockchain, cloud computing, virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and other new generation information technologies.

Nevertheless, there is reason to think that Metaverse will emerge into a significant force driving industrial progress in the coming period given the enormous demand and market potential. To fully explore the possibilities of the Metaverse ecological market, every business should establish distinctive industrial clusters, investigate technological innovation, and develop new business models for producing content that involve users. The Metaverse’s evolution will undoubtedly shift from affluence to even greater prosperity at that point.

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