President Biden Unharmed After Motorcade Collision at Campaign Headquarters


In a surprising turn of events on Sunday night, the calm atmosphere surrounding President Joe Biden’s departure from his campaign headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware, was disrupted when a car unintentionally collided with an SUV in his motorcade. The incident, which resulted in visible damage to both vehicles, garnered attention for its unexpected nature and appeared to startle the president.

The US Secret Service has confirmed that as President Biden was getting into his car, another vehicle in the motorcade struck a vehicle in the procession. Secret Service spokesperson Steve Kopek swiftly provided details, emphasizing that there was “no protective interest associated with this event.” He further noted that heavy rainfall had played a role in the collision, complicating the circumstances.

“At approximately 8:09 p.m. today, a Secret Service vehicle securing the President’s motorcade route was struck by another vehicle in Wilmington, DE. There was no protective interest associated with this event, and the President’s motorcade departed without incident,” stated Kopek, directing further inquiries to the Wilmington Police Department.

Despite the visible damage to both the SUV and the impacting vehicle, there were no reported injuries to President Biden or individuals within the motorcade. The efficient response of the Secret Service ensured that the situation was quickly brought under control, allowing President Biden to continue with his scheduled activities following the incident.

The heavy rainfall in Wilmington at the time likely added an additional layer of complexity to the situation, emphasizing the challenges posed by adverse weather conditions during high-profile movements. In response to the incident, authorities, including the Wilmington Police Department, are expected to conduct a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding the collision, with the aim of providing a comprehensive account of the events.

As news of the unintentional collision circulated, concerns naturally arose about the security protocols in place for the President’s movements. However, the Secret Service reassured the public that there was no intentional threat, underscoring President Biden’s safety amid the unexpected incident.

The collision between a silver sedan and an SUV in President Joe Biden’s motorcade on Sunday night created a loud bang, capturing the attention of the President. According to pool reporters traveling with him, as the commotion intensified, U.S. Secret Service agents swiftly surrounded the silver sedan involved in the collision, instructing the male driver to raise his hands.

Importantly, the collision was not targeted at the President, as emphasized by the Secret Service’s confirmation that there was “no protective interest associated with this event.” Law enforcement personnel focused on securing the scene and assessing the situation to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

The impacted SUV, it should be noted, was not President Biden’s vehicle. Secret Service personnel efficiently escorted the President to his awaiting vehicle, where First Lady Jill Biden was already inside. The coordinated response of the Secret Service ensured the safety of President Biden and those accompanying him, promptly bringing the situation under control.

The incident occurred following the Bidens’ visit to the president’s 2024 campaign headquarters. During the visit, they engaged with staffers at a holiday happy hour, marking a significant occasion as it was the President’s first visit to the Wilmington office since staffers began working there over the summer.

Despite the unexpected turn of events, President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden proceeded with their scheduled activities, underscoring their commitment to engaging with campaign staff and maintaining a sense of normalcy even in the face of unforeseen incidents. While the incident caused a brief disruption, it serves as a reminder of the dynamic nature of public appearances and the crucial role of security personnel in swiftly addressing and mitigating potential risks to the President’s safety.

As authorities, including the Wilmington Police Department, delve into the details surrounding the collision, the incident underscores the challenges faced in ensuring the safety of the President during public engagements. The quick and effective response by the Secret Service exemplifies the importance of well-coordinated security measures in safeguarding the nation’s leaders, even in unexpected circumstances.

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