SNL Delivers Scathing Satire on Rudy Giuliani Following $148 Million Defamation Verdict


Rudy Giuliani, once a familiar and entertaining figure on Saturday Night Live, has now become the target of scathing satire on the show, following a legal setback. Giuliani, known for his humorous appearances on SNL, hosted the show in 1997, showcasing his versatility by appearing in drag and engaging in comedic skits. However, his recent troubles, particularly a defamation lawsuit, have significantly altered his public image.

Over the years, Giuliani’s appearances on SNL transitioned from comedic cameos to impersonations by cast members, highlighting his descent into election conspiracy theories and unwavering loyalty to Donald Trump. The recent legal blow further fueled SNL’s mockery, reducing Giuliani to what they dubbed “the Mayor of 9-11, because that’s all that’s left in his bank account.” This clever play on words not only references Giuliani’s association with the 9/11 events but also implies a financial downfall.

During a segment on SNL’s “Weekend Update,” co-anchor Colin Jost did not hold back in ridiculing Trump’s former lawyer. Jost humorously remarked, “After being found liable for defamation against two Georgia election workers, Rudy Giuliani was ordered yesterday to pay the hilarious sum of $148 million. You might as well just make it a billion ’cause there’s no way he can pay it.” The exaggeration of the amount reflects the incredulity surrounding the staggering financial penalty.

Jost continued the mockery, stating, “At this point, they only call Giuliani the ‘Mayor of 9-11’ because that’s all that’s left in his bank account.” The reference to Giuliani’s financial standing, juxtaposed with an image of his infamous hair dye incident during a 2020 press conference, added a visual punch to the satirical commentary. Jost wittily noted, “Amazingly, seen here in better times,” further emphasizing the absurdity of Giuliani’s situation.

The legal proceedings that led to this SNL mockery stem from Giuliani’s defamatory statements about Georgia election workers Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss in the aftermath of the 2020 presidential election. The mother-daughter pair endured racist abuse and threats due to Giuliani’s false claims about their work at a ballot-counting center. US District Judge Beryl Howell had already found Giuliani liable for defamation claims in a pretrial judgment earlier in the year.

The recent trial in a federal courtroom in Washington DC concluded with an eight-member jury delivering a stunning verdict. Giuliani was ordered to pay $16.2 million and $16.99 million in compensatory damages to Freeman and Moss, respectively. Additionally, he faces an extra $20 million each for intentional infliction of emotional distress and a whopping $75 million in punitive damages. This sizable financial penalty adds to Giuliani’s existing legal battles, including a criminal case in Atlanta related to the same false statements about election fraud.

Despite the overwhelming verdict, Giuliani remained defiant, expressing no regrets. Outside the courthouse, he stated, “I don’t regret a damn thing,” and dismissed the staggering financial penalty as absurd. Giuliani asserted his confidence that the case would be swiftly overturned when presented before a “fair tribunal,” emphasizing the perceived absurdity of the entire legal proceeding.

SNL’s satire captures the irony of Giuliani’s journey from a comedic icon to a figure facing severe legal consequences. The show, known for its sharp political humor, doesn’t shy away from lampooning public figures, even those who were once part of its own comedic landscape. As Giuliani navigates a mounting legal quagmire, SNL continues to provide a satirical lens through which to view the unfolding drama.

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