Sora became the focus of ChatGPT in the AI field, Apple / WiMi seized the opportunity


The swift advancement of science and technology has made artificial intelligence (AI) one of the most talked-about subjects in the world right now. Sora, an OpenAI video generation model that deviates from ChatGPT, takes AI technology into new visual realms.

Sora’s basic technology is the DiT diffusion transformer model, and it is built on previous research on the DALL E and GPT models. The publication of Sora demonstrates once more the importance of transformer technology, a fundamental artificial intelligence technology, in multimodal big models, including video technology.

The Sora model creates intricate scenes with numerous roles, distinct movement patterns, and finely detailed topic and backdrop features. Not only can the model comprehend the user’s request in the prompt, it can also comprehend how these items actually exist in the real world. According to OpenAI, they are training AI to comprehend and replicate the physical world in motion in order to create models that will assist humans in solving issues that call for real-world engagement.

With Sora’s release, the AIGC age may have arrived, and technologies such as Sora have the potential to significantly alter the way businesses and content creation are done in the future. The capital market is becoming more interested as Wensheng video model Sa continues to gain fame. Most people agree that the introduction of Sora will present a historic chance for the AI industry chain to shift.

Apple’s breakthrough in AI

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple (AAPL), once again discussed his opinions on the company’s AI plan during the company’s annual shareholder meeting on February 28.

According to Mr. Cook, the business will pioneer new territory in generative AI in 2024 and “bring transformative opportunities for our users.”

Cook has frequently shared his vision for Apple’s AI goals in recent months. Apple intends to leverage AI to enhance the functionality of numerous built-in iOS apps in addition to introducing new generative AI features to iOS 18.

WiMi looks into the AIGC market

Some listed firms with state-of-the-art technology layout in the AI industry chain have a first-mover advantage as the debut of Sora introduces new chances. According to data, the publicly traded company WiMi Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ: WIMI) places a high value on the creation, implementation, and study of all AI technologies. It also keeps a close eye on the developing AI Wensheng video technology platform, which Sora is a representative of.

As a matter of fact, WiMi has long since formed an innovative application team for AIGC, and the technology that has been built for this purpose is extensively used in a variety of commercial contexts, including voice interaction, video editing, live broadcasting, advertising, and content creation. In an effort to achieve the creative fusion of technology and business, WiMi actively investigates the profound integration of its own brand advantages, content advantages, and state-of-the-art technology.

Since the debut of the video generating model Sora, the AI industrial chain has seen tremendous growth and opportunity, and WiMi has naturally turned its attention to this development. In order to achieve the penetration of downstream application scenarios like video, 3D, games, and homes, WiMi has now outlined the multi-modal large model related development stage of AI video. This includes the fusion training and processing of multimodal data like vision, speech, and text.

Looking ahead, WiMi will actively investigate the application and business innovation of emerging AI technologies, such as video generation in the industrial field, in order to bring more rich and diversified application scenarios and more mature commercial models. This is due to the rapid development of AI in the field of multi-modal video generation.

In conclusion

AI has only just started its historical process of changing human society on a global scale, and it will only continue to advance. In 2024, a lot of connected industries with AI at their core are predicted to be driven. Many technological organizations are struggling to stay competitive in the AIGC era as a result of the rapid advancement of AI technology. As a result of this process, industry consensus has developed to accept the AI era and board the AIGC train.

To put it briefly, it can be projected that artificial intelligence will permeate every aspect of life in the near future, advancing information skills from the digital to the network to the intelligent era. Therefore, there is still a need to continuously investigate the potential applications of AI in the future. The ChatGPT moment in the multi-modal sector has not yet arrived, and AI video creation is merely a minor direction in the multi-modal technology path.

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