Sports Nutrition Market Forecasted for Continued Growth Amid Fitness Trend


The global sports nutrition market is now estimated to be worth US$ 16.7 billion, but by the end of 2033, that value is expected to rise to US$ 34.5 billion in revenue. In the next 10 years, the global market for sports nutrition products is expected to rise at a 7.5% annual pace.

The rising need for nutrition and the growing popularity of sports are the two main reasons that are anticipated to fuel the market for sports nutrition products over the coming years. The growing number of athletes worldwide, the accessibility of more sophisticated sports nutrition products, the rise in per capita disposable income, the growing demand for products that boost immunity, and the allure of marketing campaigns that promote the use of sports drinks are additional factors driving the sales of sports nutrition products.


Since athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike realize the substantial influence sports nutrition can have on performance and general well-being, it has grown in importance in the world of athletics. The market for sports nutrition has grown significantly in recent years due to consumer desire for goods that can improve sports performance, promote overall health and fitness objectives, and help with recovery.

A vast array of goods, such as protein powders, energy bars and gels, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and other supplements especially created to satisfy the dietary requirements of athletes and active people, are included in the sports nutrition industry. These goods are made to give the body the nutrition it requires to function at its peak in all types of activities, including rigorous training regimens, contests, and daily exercises.


Leading sports nutrition companies are focusing on expanding the breadth of their research and business to speed up product launches and increase revenue. These sports nutrition suppliers are also looking for more investment to support their long-term goals of growing their businesses.

A fundraising round sponsored by the Singaporean wealth fund Temasek in December 2022 saw the health technology company HealthKart raise US$ 135 million. The funds will be used to expand the company’s direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands and reach a wider audience through the sale of nutritional products and supplements.

The American sports nutrition business Spacemilk and the Israeli food technology start-up NextFerm Technologies struck an agreement in August 2022 to offer ProteVin, a non-GMO protein alternative. The estimated value of the transaction was $3 million USD.

Growing consumer knowledge of the role that nutrition plays in reaching fitness and performance goals is one of the main factors propelling the sports nutrition market’s expansion. More athletes and fitness enthusiasts are learning how important good nutrition is to maximizing performance, hastening recovery, and avoiding injuries. They are thus actively looking for top-notch sports nutrition items to aid in their preparation and competing activities.


Research on nutrition and sports science has also advanced, which has resulted in the creation of novel products that are especially suited to the particular requirements of athletes. For instance, the significance of timing and nutrient composition has been emphasized more and more, and many athletes are now using pre-, intra-, and post-workout supplements in their regimens to enhance their performance and recuperation.

Sports teams, coaches, trainers, and individual athletes are realizing the value of nutrition in maximizing performance and gaining an advantage over their rivals. Nowadays, a lot of professional sports teams employ specialized dietitians and nutritionists who collaborate closely with athletes to create individualized nutrition plans catered to their individual requirements and objectives.

Sports Nutrition Market:

The global trend of sports and fitness activities becoming more and more popular is also helping the sports nutrition industry. The demand for goods that can support active lifestyles and assist people in reaching their fitness objectives is rising as more people engage in sports, fitness classes, and outdoor activities.

There are obstacles and things to keep in mind, though, even with the sports nutrition market’s notable expansion and promise. Transparency and industry control are necessary to guarantee that products are efficient, safe, and appropriately labeled, which presents a hurdle. Some sports nutrition supplements have raised questions over their safety and quality, as well as difficulties with contamination and mislabeling.


As more athletes and fitness enthusiasts realize how critical a healthy diet is to reaching their performance and fitness objectives, the sports nutrition market is expected to develop and innovate going forward. Sports nutrition appears to have a bright future as science, technology, and product development progress, supporting the growth of the athletic community and improving performance.


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