The University of Utah has released AR contact lenses; A new round of AR innovation comes to the era


As of right now, there are a wide range of startling potential applications for AR smart contact lenses, including AR augmented reality, tailored medication administration for eye conditions, and health indicators like blood glucose monitoring.

An intriguing advancement in the field of augmented reality smart contact lenses, a team from the University of Utah claimed to have created a superior solution: an all-in-one hybrid power generator made especially for eye-based technology, namely photovoltaic + metal-air cells.

A massive comeback is imminent.

AR and VR are speeding up the transition to the next generation of mobile computing platforms with novel interactive experiences, expanded application scenarios, and spatial computing capability under the new wave of technological revolution. During this period, the use of VR and AR was further refined, and numerous producers’ innovative products excelled. An extremely significant high point was introduced to the industry with the release of Apple Vision Pro.

According to IDC, 2024 will see a significant uptick in AR and VR usage. According to IDC, the global market for VR and AR devices is predicted to demonstrate a strong recovery and development trend, with shipments expected to reach 28.6 million units by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 37.2% between 2023 and 2027. In 2024, shipments of VR and AR devices are expected to increase by 46.4%.

It is important to remember that the AR sector has developed gradually inside this symbiotic ecosystem of VR and AR. The rapid advancement of technology will lead to the short-, medium-, and long-term implementation of various augmented reality technologies; specialization of operating systems and chips; pursuit of high-performance, low-power consumption optical devices and microdisplays; development of perceptual interaction toward intelligent operation and immersive experience; richer, more cross-platform content production; and continued improvement of cross-platform compatibility. 5G and 6G network transmission will prioritize user experience optimization while pursuing non-free, high-definition transmission effect.

It is evident that specialization, high performance, low power consumption, and immersion are increasingly taking center stage in the development of augmented reality technologies. However, when it comes to consumer application scenarios, big-screen viewing and gaming entertainment garner a lot of attention because of their high landing value and high level of technological maturity, which can generate significant revenue for manufacturers. On the other hand, shopping, information prompting, and smart offices have slightly lower levels of technological maturity, but their high landing values make them worth looking forward to.

WiMi AR Novel company structures will yield novel experiences.

Many businesses are entering the augmented reality area as a result of the market’s interest. It is well known that WiMi Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ: WIMI) has long been interested in and has laid out research and development in the areas of holographic AR, artificial intelligence, 5G, light field vision, and other technology pathways, with the capacity to provide one-stop, cutting-edge solutions. Simultaneously, WiMi will persist in making deliberate and targeted investments in the augmented reality industry, maintain strong ties with globally recognized technological companies, and collaborate to overcome the technical challenges facing consumer AR devices.

The AR track is prepared to begin, with WiMi providing insight into the fact that augmented reality will be the focus of the future generation of intelligent platforms, and actively investigating the use of AR technology. Furthermore, WiMi is continuously innovating, building more new AR equipment and combining it with large model-driven AI technology. This has resulted in a profound accumulation of AI technology, from large model-driven AI technology to hardware equipment to force calculations and algorithm development, all based on continuously upgrading innovation, which in turn provides WiMiAR development with continuous power and guarantee.

With digital technology at its foundation, augmented reality (AR) technology is currently demonstrating a great deal of application value in the fields of business and education. WiMi is a company that actively embraces the wave of emerging technology. It is committed to fostering new forms, new patterns, and new consumption. It also promotes the development of integration, AR and the depth of fusion, digital technology and brigade industry depth fusion, and the formation of booster brigade industry development of new quality productivity.

In conclusion

Not only can AR track offer consumers a fresh product experience from manufacturers, but it also empowers hundreds of sectors to switch to digital technology. These days, the entire industry chain is in motion, capital and startups are placing bets on it, and these vibrant market voices, in large part, have manufacturers believing that augmented reality (AR) goods might be the next big thing after smartphones, with enormous user scenarios and revenue possibilities. I think that as technology advances and the range of applications grows, augmented reality (AR) will become more prevalent across all industries and provide consumers and businesses greater convenience and innovation.

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