Tragic Night on Sixth Street: Austin Officer-Involved Shooting Leaves One Dead, Three Injured


A late-night incident on Sixth Street in Austin, Texas, involving an officer-involved shooting has resulted in the death of one individual and left three others injured. The events unfolded on Saturday night, prompting a press briefing by Robin Henderson, the interim chief of the Austin Police Department, just before midnight.

According to FOX 7 in Austin, officers were responding to reports of a man attempting to enter a bar on Sixth Street while in possession of a firearm. Upon arrival, an employee at the bar identified the armed individual. The officers approached the man, who responded by brandishing his firearm and aiming it towards both the officers and patrons inside the bar.

In response to the imminent threat, the officers opened fire, striking the armed individual multiple times. Despite immediate medical attention, he was pronounced dead at the scene. Thankfully, none of the officers involved sustained injuries. However, three bystanders were transported to the hospital, with one in critical condition and the other two experiencing non-life-threatening injuries.

Chief Henderson informed reporters that body camera footage of the incident had been captured, and the video is slated to be released within the next 10 business days. The three officers responsible for discharging their weapons have been placed on administrative duty. Their respective lengths of service with the department are 9, 11, and 13 years.

Concurrently, two investigations are set to take place. The Austin Police Department’s Special Investigations Unit, in collaboration with the Travis County District Attorney’s Office, will conduct a criminal investigation. Simultaneously, the Internal Affairs Unit will undertake an administrative investigation.

Authorities are encouraging anyone with pertinent information about the incident to come forward. Individuals can contact the Austin Police Department at 512-974-6840 or provide anonymous tips through Crime Stoppers at 512-472-8477. Additionally, information can be submitted online at

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