Unlocking the Future of Estate Planning: Introducing the Blockchain Trust™


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Date: 26 January 2024

Learn about the completely decentralized, blockchain-based revolution in estate planning known as the Blockchain Trust. private, flexible, and safe.

The Blockchain Trust is here, and its decentralized blockchain-based approach is revolutionizing estate planning. With our fully decentralized Blockchain Trust, take advantage of a new level of security and flexibility.

In a time when technology controls every aspect of our lives, the Blockchain Trust stands out as a model of innovation that redefines asset protection and estate planning. It uses the immutable ledger of blockchain technology to produce a living, breathing document that changes, grows, and protects your legacy. It’s more than just a contract; it’s a monument to the future.

The Blockchain Trust: What Is It?

A trust is essentially an agreement between a beneficiary, a trustee, and a settlor. By integrating the trust’s structure into a blockchain, the Blockchain Trust surpasses conventional limitations. This method uses data blocks to create a Trust that is as distinct as the person it represents, emulating the technology underlying cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Verifiable and flexible

The Blockchain Trust stands out in the unpredictable journey of life because of its dynamic adaptability. Consider a trust that becomes an Income Only Trust prior to a beneficiary applying for Medicaid, or a trust that becomes an Irrevocable Asset Protection Trust in the event of a lawsuit. The Blockchain Trust is a legal landscape chameleon, crafted with precision and foresight to fit evolving needs. It is more than just a document.

Unmatched Confidentiality and Observance

In the digital era, privacy is a luxury that the Blockchain Trust values highly. Ensuring complete confidentiality, the Trust operates within a proprietary network. It also always stays up to date with the most recent state and federal laws, so there’s no need for regular updates.

An Electronic Stronghold

Trustees, Protectors, and Beneficiaries can easily access the Blockchain Trust’s digital world by using secure login credentials, enabling them to carry out their duties. Furthermore, the blockchain’s security stands out in the face of a challenge, displaying a thorough audit trail that records all interactions with the document.

Asset Administration and Registration

The Blockchain Trust’s asset registration tool gives users more authority. The blockchain records each asset transfer to the Trust, guaranteeing that upon the Settlor’s death, a successor trustee will have instant access to a complete and up-to-date asset ledger.

Attorneys’ Guide to Simplified Estate Planning

A great resource for estate planning lawyers is the Blockchain Trust. Attorneys can create personalized trusts on the platform and effectively manage them over time. Updates and modifications are now digitally maintained and verified via the Blockchain Trust protocol, eliminating the need for paper records.

A Smart Future for a Smart System

The Blockchain Trust platform is intended to be a complete ecosystem with a range of associated services, in addition to its main purposes. The intelligent platform offers quick guidance on tax strategies and the appropriate use of insurance, ranging from real estate transfers to insurance and investment possibilities.

Integration of Cryptocurrencies

The Blockchain Trust integrates blockchain-based coins rather than only being compatible with them. The platform allows users to store their digital currencies safely and also offers the opportunity to convert assets for better asset protection.

Protecting Assets from Uncertainty

The Blockchain Trust’s asset protection features can be triggered in response to court rulings, which would transfer authority and possibly convert assets into bitcoin to insulate them from danger and guarantee the wealth of beneficiaries.

An Innovative Fix

Offering simplicity, improved security, and foresight in estate, tax, and asset protection planning, the Blockchain Trust is a trailblazing platform. It’s an unmatched solution that captures the development of both technology and law.

In summary

The Blockchain Trust is a mindset shift rather than only a product. It provides an unparalleled combination of protection, privacy, and flexibility, guaranteeing that your estate planning is as strong as the technology it uses. The Blockchain Trust holds the key for individuals who want to take their estate planning into the future.

Concerning Blockchain: International Corporate Registry Authority

Being a trailblazer in the field of financial technology inventions and Blockchain Trust formation, Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority is dedicated to leading the way in integrating blockchain technology into the banking and financial services industry. Our company, led by CEO Stephan Schurmann, is committed to fostering innovation and entrepreneurial success in the fast-paced finance industry.

Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority is a leader in blockchain-based banking solutions, including investment banks, blockchain banks, digital banks, offshore banks, and the facilitation and management of the Blockchain Trust, among other services. Our specialty is crafting one-of-a-kind possibilities to own and run these establishments, serving a wide spectrum of customers from small business owners to major organizations looking to expand their financial options.

We guarantee our clients access to the cutting edge of fintech innovation with our expertise in venture capital trusts, private label cryptocurrency banking, and digital asset management. Notable companies in our portfolio include Blockchain DigitalCity Bank & Capital Trust, as well as a range of specialist services related to the sale of fintech banks in the United States and Europe.

Our primary goal is to provide comprehensive support for creating, registering, and effectively running blockchain-based financial companies, in addition to sales. Our creative thinking and in-depth knowledge of digital banking trends set us apart as a major force in the changing global finance scene.

In summary:

By using blockchain technology, the Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority is constantly redefining the requirements for investment banking and Blockchain Trust registrations. We extend an invitation to financial institutions, investors, and business owners to explore the unique prospects we provide. Please contact us or visit our website for more details on our extensive range of services, which includes comprehensive lists of banks and trusts for sale.

Writer Bio: Stephan Schurmann

Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority (BICRA) and Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust are led by the pioneer in the field of blockchain, Stephan Schurmann. Due to his deep understanding of blockchain technology, Schurmann has successfully incorporated this cutting-edge technology into a number of different industries, including corporate structuring, investment banking, financial services, and the registration of decentralized Blockchain Trusts. The selling of blockchain banks, the creation of digital banking solutions, and the delivery of first-rate investment banking services have all benefited greatly from his leadership.

German serial entrepreneur Schurmann has over 34 years of rich expertise in investment banking, fintech, digital banking, offshore banking, and other areas. He has devoted his career to supporting entrepreneurs worldwide. In addition to spearheading innovation in venture capital trusts and fintech solutions, he is at the forefront of offering investment banks for sale and establishing customized boutique investment banks around the world.

Because of his vast experience working in more than 85 countries, Schurmann has established competence in tax-efficient corporate methods. Because of its experience, BICRA is positioned to be a leader in corporate blockchain services and blockchain trust solutions. The business is notable for providing transparent and safe financial solutions. With over 6.2 million blockchain companies and Blockchain Trusts under management, BICRA is differentiating itself in the competitive investment banking and capital trust space and meeting the demands of entrepreneurs globally.

Schurmann’s contribution to Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust has been crucial in integrating blockchain technology into financial services and setting new benchmarks for efficiency, security, and transparency in the sector. Real World Assets (RWAs) will be tokenized as part of his progressive vision, which aims to create a banking environment that values consumer security and trust alongside technology improvements.

In addition to blockchain, Stephan Schurmann is regarded as a leading authority on corporate governance, digital transformation, and sustainable business practices. His dedication to ethical business practices and innovation is evidence of his imaginative leadership. His observations remain relevant and motivating as he forges ahead in the fields of technology and finance.

A highly sought-after speaker and advisor, Schurmann is renowned for imparting his extensive knowledge to global advisory boards and entrepreneurs. This is due to his conviction that technology has the ability to promote a more effective, transparent, and equal world. His works provide priceless insights into blockchain technology and its potential effects on numerous businesses in the future.

Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority, Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust, and Blockchain Trust registrations for clients worldwide are all setting industry standards under Schurmann’s strategic direction, enhancing his standing as a trailblazing figure in the blockchain technology space.

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