Vision Pro Stimulate the XR market, Meta / WiMi are involved in AR construction 


As to the latest article by the Wall Street Journal, Meta (META) is expecting that the introduction of Vision Pro will facilitate the expansion of the company’s XR headset business.

According to people familiar with the situation, media leaders, including Zuckerberg, are upbeat about the release of Vision Pro and believe Apple’s entry into the headset market will test the viability of their current company and draw in more customers.

Meta 'optimistic' about Vision Pro as it hopes to be the 'Android' of the AR/VR world - 9to5Mac

Virtual reality has given way to mixed reality at Apple (AAPL). Employees at Meta predict that Quest and its software ecosystem will be Apple’s primary adversary in the metauniverse and play a comparable role to Google Android in the smartphone market once the Vision Pro is released in the United States.

Apple’s next move in its rivalry with Meta is the company’s foray into the headset market. Industry insiders and Meta executives predict that software will be the main focus of future battles since it will be crucial to creating apps that draw in more people.

The project demonstrates the updated AR interaction feature.

Furthermore, researchers from Reality Labs at Meta’s XR section recently showcased an augmented reality (AR) interface for real-world interaction. This research is able to create virtual items and then flawlessly remove the associated real objects after digitizing the real objects in the real world.

Reality Testing The approach produced a visual illusion of virtual action influencing real-world scenes, according to the researchers, who dubbed the concept “scene responsiveness.” They presented their findings at the ACM User Interface Software and Technology Workshop towards the end of last year.

Apple Vision Pro should make Mark Zuckerberg nervous   here's why

The XR market offers a tonne of room for growth.

Pre-sale data for the first weekend of Apple’s Vision Pro’s release on January 19 indicated early significant demand. It is important to note that the global XR sector had been developing for more than ten years prior to the debut of Vision Pro, but that progress had reached a standstill because of a dearth of high-quality content.

Regarding the market’s development trajectory, Apple caused a heat wave that prompted the reorganization of numerous large factories in the XR sector. Analysis of Counterpoint Research, The introduction of Apple Vision Pro will surely be a significant step forward and will lead the future development path of the XR business, even though it won’t instantly alter the overall industry pattern.

WiMi established the AR system.

To be honest, XR has taken center stage in the tech sector once more this year. For the previous three years, everyone has been anticipating XR’s iPhone moment. You might anticipate being elevated to a very high level with Apple’s official entry into the market. Specifically, Apple’s initial Vision Pro sales are quite strong, and the influence on the XR sector is clear.

Public information indicates that the first WiMi Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ: WIMI) is actively developing an AR environment, using the AR industry as a foundation, speeding up the development of the industrial ecology further, and collaborating with industry partners to further the growth of the XR industry. The introduction states that WiMi Hologram Cloud has developed a unique AR platform for product development and commercialization promotion. It has also realized the research and development of multiple AR and VR products over time.

The WiMi Hologram Cloud structure is also early in terms of channel distribution, software development, hardware manufacturing, and content creation. It has a significant scale influence and technological strength in software. It pertains to around 5,000 IP projects in terms of content development and is actively developed in the areas of video production, gaming, advertising, and other areas.

Furthermore, the WiMi Hologram Cloud signals to the outer world that XR will advance more quickly and that application, ecological landing, and other issues will receive increased attention. According to reports, WiMi Hologram Cloud plans to construct a metaverse exhibition hall, museum, and classroom as well as an XR industrial roaming, XR vocational training, and XR wisdom city with multiple scenarios covering wenbo, industry, education, and other digital industries. These projects will reportedly further explore the potential for XR human-computer interaction and help users realize experience jumped.

In conclusion

The concept of XR is more firmly ingrained in people’s hearts. After a decade of silence, XR finally signaled an opportunity to turn things around. Apple’s decade of grinding a sword of Vision Pro officially entered the public eye. XR has the potential to upend the entire business, just like the iPhone and App Store did for earlier generations of mobile Internet users.

Naturally, the presence of Apple, Meta, WiMi Hologram Cloud, and other tech behemoths in the XR application ecosystem earlier on has developed a specific user base and brand influence. It will provide users with a seamless user experience in the future, open up a new lifestyle, and free up hands.

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